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The vineyard is located in the North-East of the Chablis appellation region, in a small village named Béru, the smallest village in the Chablis area. Béru has 80 inhabitants and is surrounded by its vineyards and its richness. The family wine production has been passed from generation to generation,  according to the tradition.


Isabelle, Jean-Pierre and Cyril will be happy to welcome you in their wine-tasting cellar, where you can taste and enjoy our range of Chablis wines.

The vineyard from 1985 to today… 


Jean-Pierre started with 1.20 Ha of vines and 40 Ha of cereals.



The 1st machine was acquired. Before, all tasks were done manually.


The winery was built. Stainless steel tanks were acquired.


Expansion of the winery. 


Family vines were taken over. In addition to a regular annual planting, our vineyard now spreads across 25 Ha. 


In-house bottling and direct selling at our wine-tasting cellar.


Our vines

Our vines are mainly located in Béru, Fleys and Chichée and spread across 25 Ha in the Chablis and Chablis 1er Cru appelation region (Fourneaux, Mont de Milieu et Vaucoupin). The vines are aged between 1 and 60 years, which allows us to propose Chablis Old Vines wine as well.


A few technical details: our vines grow on the calcareous clay soil of « Kimméridgien » type. Pruning is done according to the simple and double guyot method (the Chablis traditional method). After harvesting, a traditional vinification is carried out in stainless steel tanks. Two different fermentations take place during the vinification : an alcoholic and malolactic fermentation. Finally,our wine is bottled approximately 9-10 month after grape harvesting.

Wine tasting


If you want to discover our full range of Chablis wines, we will be happy to welcome you in our wine-tasting cellar.


The wine tasting is available from Monday to Saturday (10am-12am & 2pm-6pm) by reservation. 


Please contact us before visiting us, so that we can welcome you in the best conditions. We are really looking forward to welcoming and meeting you.